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Construction Chemicals

Pat Impex, a leading manufacturer, supplier, exporter, dealer & distributor of various grade of construction chemicals from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Since inception in 2009, we are a leader in construction chemicals for various applications like function & application of construction chemicals, repairing concrete, waterproofing & sealing, grouting, producing concrete, tbm operations, raw materials etc. We are a leading supplier of BASF : Masterbuilder Solutions for above application. We provide solution for following industry.

Solutions for construction chemicals

  • For Bridges, Rail and Roads
  • For Non-residential Buildings
  • For Parking Decks
  • For Residential Buildings
  • For Wind Energy Foundations and Towers
  • For Marine Structures
  • For the Food and Beverage Industry
  • For the Oil and Gas Industry
  • For the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • For the Power Generation Industry
  • For the Water management Industry
  • For the Cement Industry
  • For the Chemical Industry
  • For the Electronics Industry
  • For the Mining Industry
  • For the Tunneling Industry
  • For Colleges and Universities
  • For the Aviation Industry

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BASF : Master Builder

Supplier of all grades of BASF Master builders solutions

  • MasterAir
  • MasterBrace
  • MasterCast
  • MasterEase
  • MasterEmaco
  • MasterFinish
  • MasterFlow
  • MasterGlenium
  • MasterGlenium ACE
  • MasterGlenium SKY
  • MasterInject
  • MasterKure
  • MasterLife
  • MasterMatrix
  • MasterPel
  • MasterPolyheed
  • MasterPozzolith
  • MasterProtect
  • MasterRheobuild
  • MasterRoc 
  • MasterSeal
  • MasterSet
  • MasterTile
  • MasterTop
  • MasterWeld
  • Ucrete